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In the center of the plot of the animated series "Duck stories" is the famous millionaire Scrooge McDuck. He is surprisingly rich, and at the same time loves money. Scrooge McDuck hardly decides on spending, and sometimes secretly bathes in money hidden in a vault inside his house.the rich man has relatives who give him a lot of trouble. Nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie are constantly fall into various stories, forcing the uncle to survive and to pay the costs.his niece ponochka becomes the main joy of the caring uncle. A lovely girl in every way keeps the brothers from their foolhardy adventures, but she is not against to fool around sometimes.the Family lives in the posh house of Scrooge McDuck. In addition to solving numerous working issues, the main character has to protect his huge capital from the actions of scammers. Cheaters regularly try to steal the state of McDuck, and he himself cunning defeats them.When the main character is still kidnapped incredibly valuable diamond, he has to go after him, taking with him and nephews. Such a journey will help Scrooge McDuck to realize that money is not the most important thing in life, and sometimes communication with loved ones can be much more fun than the constant thought of their own income.Scrooge McDuck Has an adult nephew named Donald Duck. He delivers uncle no less problems than young Billy, Willie and dilly.

being a real klutz, Donald Duck sometimes makes unpredictable actions, causing loved ones to blush. However, Scrooge McDuck no matter what has to communicate with a relative, looking for a suitable job for him.rn< p>Duck life, rich and vibrant, is overflowing with adventure. Sometimes the main characters are fighting with robbers, and sometimes have to fight with otherworldly forces. Facing dangers and enemies. Scrooge McDuck again and again realizes how important a warm family relationship.