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Everyone used to associate the word history with something serious and certainly important. History is everything that has happened before, events that are usually based on facts. In this series all stereotypes connected with the concept of history are refuted. The television series is filmed in a Comedy genre, based on an idea suggested by an Internet forum known as "Funny or Die". The idea was to create a unique Comedy show where a variety of invited well-known personalities will discuss any historical events, any crazy thing they want. The whole intrigue is that the storytellers themselves will be under the influence of alcoholic beverages. This is designed to make the participants more fun and relaxed, and could not hesitate to say everything they think about a particular situation. The characters will open to the viewer their new, sometimes completely unexpected look at certain historical events that are considered very important for humanity. But, all this will happen in a relaxed light and relaxed atmosphere, allowing the viewer to relax and feel "their" in this fun and intoxicated company.