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The story of the strong friendship of the main characters began from the time when an unusual child was born in the family of another leader of the tribe. Hiccup is very different from counterparts in appearance, with slender body and very mediocre skills in the military – the boy was too weak to compete with the enemy. Furthermore, unlike the neighbours to the Vikings, a hero was an unusually kind and intelligent.the Father insisted that his heir must kill one of the evil pests of the island of Berk, on which the settlement was based. Dragons regularly attacked Scandinavians, destroyed crops and took the harvest. Stoick and his valiant soldiers repulsed the attack of the flying lizards as long as his kind-hearted son was led into the village prostrate Night Fury. The representative of a rare species was shot down by a special device that built Hiccup to perform the mission, because nature did not give him incredible power, and duty to relatives dictated the mandatory destruction of the dragon.Toothless turned out to be an obedient pet, who proved by his own example that it is not necessary to mercilessly kill raiders, but rather to tame them and educate them for peaceful purposes. Gradually many young Vikings followed the example of chief's son and started their own kind of assistant in agriculture. But peaceful coexistence was difficult to achieve: not all winged creatures were easy to contact and was desirables.so Hiccup opened a school that was attended by caring mentors and their Pets. Dragons: Riders of Berk to watch online how patient the people here learned about the abilities of their friends and the ability to correctly use it, and do fire-breathing creatures due to the sensitive guidance of teachers became more obedient and calmer. In addition, the recently established tradition to organize regular competitions of dragons and their owners, assumed training in some exceptional skills, without which it is impossible to defeat rivals.the Founder of the school for unusual animals wanted now to join the ranks of pupils with new species from other Islands and distant lands. The team of young Vikings organizes an expedition to distant countries, Snotlout, Bullies and Bullies want to see the world and discover unusual dragons. Fascinating journey of children is inextricably linked with numerous difficulties that can undermine the morale of the Vikings and cause significant damage.until recently, the characters were sure that except for them, none of the people do not communicate with dragons. In fact, some attackers have long been going to use the amazing abilities of animals for selfish purposes and are almost ready to start implementing a clearly defined plan. And the book, which is taught at the school of Hiccup, is very necessary to criminals. Having stolen the treasured edition, bandits will be able to train the whole flying army and to attack other people. The key character of the painting "Dragons: riders Berk", with the support of Astrid, Bullies, Fishlegs and other guys, by all means should prevent the plans of enemies.