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Dragon hunters watch online better with the first episode. The series will introduce the audience to the main characters of the animated series and the world in which they live. In this amazing land people live on Islands floating in the air. Some flying objects are small fragments. Others are connected by bridges and combined into a system of archipelagos. And the third one similar to their own planet.Some of the Islands are inhabited by people who have built separate huts in the forests, villages and entire cities. Somewhere there are even real countries and kings who rule vast territories and their citizens. To move over long distances, residents use aircraft-sailing ships, gliders and airships. And in the skies, stretching over these unusual lands are found dragons…Lian-Chu and guizdo are familiar from an early age. Once they were in a shelter for orphans and since then have become inseparable. Externally and by nature, these brave guys are very different from each other. Big Lian-Chu muscular, agile, hardworking, honest and noble. He's a great swordsman and not afraid of anything, although by nature a kind and ingenuous. How could it be evil people who devote all their free time knitting?!rn

gwizdo, unlike his constant companion and faithful comrade, do not come no growth, no force, no courage. He prefers to act cleverly and carefully, applying the rework not a weapon or fists, and a sharp mind, a wealth of knowledge and vigilance. The guy can be selfish and cowardly, but in a difficult hour will always come to the rescue.guizdo and Lian-Chu live in the Inn "Snoring dragon", but often travel the Islands on duty. Their profession is very ordinary for the world soaring in the sky. Friends catch unusual creatures of all shapes and sizes, called dragons. Some of these creatures are quite peaceful. They help humanity and bring benefits. Even the team of Guido, in addition to Lian-Chu, includes a charming dragon Hector, resembling a dog of outlandish blue.but many winged creatures are a serious threat to the civilian population. Here it requires the services of dragon hunters, adventurers and heroes as Lian-Chu and a few selfish and calculating types like gwizdo. Sometimes free, but often for the promised reward, they romp among Islands and archipelagos, and deliver us from the voracious monsters of the wild forest tribes and villages. In large settlements for fishers almost no dragons try to stay away from densely populated areas.Lian-Chu and Guido are used to a semi-nomadic life full of dangers. How can a well-fed and monotonous existence in a hotel or your own house be compared with the wind of wanderings and adventures, with the spirit of freedom and thirst for the unknown. On the way along the heavenly road that runs between the Islands, you can always meet new friends, fight with the enemy and catch the terrible, majestic and beautiful dragons.

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