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No matter how much America did not make films in a fantastic style - they come out one more interesting than the other. The film invasion Day (2013) reveals the essence of human ingenuity. It would seem that the US is a huge and powerful country, but it also has its own dimensionless debts to other States, which it is in no hurry to give. China is not going to tolerate such impudence and wants to force the great country to kneel before it. China's best minds are working on a sinister plan. Running the virus in all communications-they strike at the most painful place. No connection, the Internet is gone, all systems are paralyzed. Without light and means of livelihood, Americans become hostages of helplessness. Endless hard days of slavery to the drops kill all hopes for a return to his former happy life. All the people of a great country fall under the unbearable oppression of Communist China, which does not want to forgive debts. The accident only lets one of Cybernetics of the movie invasion Day (2013) Dodge the watchful security (all tenants are forced to wear bracelets to each of them to find if necessary). The struggle for every day we live freely becomes unbearable. How to prevent this terrible catastrophe? The protagonist of the fantastic Thriller invasion Day knows that the fate of his family and the whole country depends entirely on him alone. But for this scientist need to overcome a lot of difficulties and break more than one complex code. Can he?