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Since his youth, Jimmy began to engage in car theft and soon discovered an incredible talent. The guy installed some immutable rules which allow it to always work clean and never get. One day he is approached by a criminal named Roy, who, with the support of the drug cartel and several major criminal figures of the city, is going to get rid of the mafia boss Lorenzo, who runs everything. In the city there is a big redistribution of the power, and in future war Jimmy is assigned a big role for which he will receive not less big reward.Roy offers the hero a lot of money for the fact that he stole a car, which is rumored to carry a kidney for Lorenzo. If the machine in time will not bring criminal boss, he dies, and his place may take the right person. It seems dangerous, but not difficult, because Jimmy has stolen a lot of cars, but this time he gets into big trouble, out of which alive will be almost impossible. The guy will have to decide which side he will play in the upcoming battle, and this choice will depend not only on wealth, but also life.

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