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Original Title: Dracula
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: NBC
Creators: Cole Haddon,Daniel Knauf
Language: English
Description: The series Dracula 1 stonechat all the series on our website absolutely for free! Who doesn't know Dracula? Probably this mythical character is known around the world, movies with his participation filmed a lot, and it is clear always attracted people about them complex a huge number of legends, and some even believe in their existence. So, let's go directly to Dracula. He, as known, senior as a vampire: powerful, a strong and ruthless to people, his weaknesses is Sunny light, used and women. The main role in the series was played by Jonathan Reese Myers, it was he who had the honor to play the great Dracula and running ahead, it should be noted that he managed it just fine, or it would be more correct to say succeed, because the series is still removed. Briefly about the story: the Events take place in the recent past, namely in the late 19th century in the cloudy and rainy London, I note that this surrounding atmosphere is the best suited for films of this genre, here comes our Dracula, he pretends to be an American entrepreneur carrying only good intentions and his goal-the development of science in Victorian society. Electricity - what is interesting Dracula, his task is to illuminate the streets of London and to do this he wants not for the good of society, in all this there is devious intent! Time: ~ 42 min. If you still think or not, I will give a few advantages in the direction of this movie masterpiece: 1. The creators have worked hard for glory! It is felt from the first minutes of viewing: the budget, scenery, suits, qualitative statements, I think it is enough. 2. The cast is incredible. Each actor played as well as possible, the impression that they are simply created for such roles. Perhaps a great game contributed a lot of experience from past pictures, which by the way you can find on our website. 3. Musical accompaniment and visualization are also performed at a high level and completely immerse the viewer in the atmosphere of the series. 4. The plot is not as easy as you might expect, in fact, in addition to the usual love triangle here develops a real war between Dracula and the Order of the Dragon, did not remain without attention and scientific works. that's it. Happy browsing!< i>

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