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In London late XIX century comes a mysterious stranger who pretends to be a successful American entrepreneur Alexander Grayson. He meets with British representatives of high society, who talks about the unique technologies that can in the blink of an eye to modernize the ossified Victorian society. With the help of electricity, you can make the night light and help those who due to illness can not stay in the sun for a long time.rnin fact, under the guise of a noble and smiling man hides the real count Dracula, who returns to The British Isles to take revenge on the murderers of his beloved, who betrayed his family several centuries ago. However, the plans quickly begins to crumble when Dracula meets a girl possessed by the soul of his late wife.rnduring his London adventures Dracula meets many people, including van Helsing, whose family was also killed. Later they become good friends and allies, opening the hunt for people who killed their relatives. With the charming Grayson wants to work and Jonathan Hacker, enterprising and resourceful journalist who dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Also in the free interpretation of the famous novel by Bram Stoker appear Mina Murray, planning to become an experienced doctor, purposeful careerist Lucy, and simple-minded Reinfield, becoming an indispensable assistant for Dracula.rnrn

Can the legendary vampire find the killers of his wife and take revenge on them?

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