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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Comedy
What could be better than a wet nose and strong paws, resting on the chest with a joyful meeting with the long-awaited owner? The heroine loves her big and smart dog named Martin. Despite the fact that the charming and positive girl does not feel the lack of friends and girlfriends, she still prefers to lie at home, in an embrace with a pillow and a cute dog. Pretty woman is experiencing a heavy break with a young man who, despite this, comes to her to spend the night. Confusion in the relations, problems at work-all this surrounds the lovely lady and Martin becomes an outlet. The dog is not stupid and is well aware that sometime in the life of his mistress will certainly appear the main man destined to her fate and then the girl will be much less to pay attention to your beloved pet. The former boyfriend of the beauty never liked the dog, and he decides to take the search for new love in his paws. Martin, in turn, is sure that he and the hostess are well together, he generously allows her to sleep a lot on the weekend and even gets along with the postman. What will the ambitious ward of a sweet young lady take? Will he be able to choose the right half for her or attempts to fail?