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Original Title: Downton Abbey
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Channel: ITV,PBS
Creators: Julian Fellowes
Language: English
Description: The galaxy is consumed by darkness. The Empire is gaining more and more power, capturing one planet after another. No one is able to resist the Imperial war machine. It was the turn of one of the distant planets, which is about to capture the Empire. The forces of this Association are already on the planet and are gradually moving further, capturing settlements. Soon and at all the planet is under the control of the forces of the Empire. However, there were those who do not like the new order. Among these and the crew of the spaceship Ghost." They start their own battle with the military invasion. These brave men are not only not afraid to fight with a huge army, but also try to find like-minded people on the planet. And they succeed, because many do not want to become part of the evil Empire. When a huge number of co-religionists gathered, an uprising broke out, which was led by the Ghost team." Will the rebels be able to get rid of the presence of the Empire on their planet?

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