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American Comedy "Guys with guns" with a real story in the basis, which was written in Newspapers, magazines, shown on television, told on the radio and that's made a film! The plot is downright fantastic, about how two drug addicts, adventurers, and young loafers received an order from the Pentagon for the supply of weapons to the friendly US military forces of Afghanistan for a total of 300 million dollars! The very situation that is considered by the authors of the project, very much like a parody of Federal officials. Perhaps that is why, the funniest scene in the film was filmed in the movie the Pentagon. It turns out, is to dress decently, to call louder, to make a person smarter and better lie, and you believe it to be accepted as a full partner and entrust a lot of money! Two guys who went through the school of the poor areas of Miami, do not differ in mind and talents, as well as education and upbringing, Ephraim and David, once, having smoked a good plan, came up with a brilliant plan: to become arms dealers. After the conclusion of the contract, it was necessary to carry out it, and for this purpose except the weapon which to find not a problem in the market of the most democratic state, it was necessary to be engaged and its delivery to the regions of the Arab world captured by war. Apparently, they really were the darlings of destiny, as managed to get the weapons caravan through the triangle of death. Details on the premiere of the movie "Guys with guns" (War Dogs) – August 18, trailer online now!

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