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  • Genres:
  • Drama
In the center of the plot adventures of an alien who calls himself a Doctor. This character travels in time on a spaceship that looks like a police box. Our hero is quite emotional and eccentric, but from any scrape comes out the winner thanks to extensive knowledge of technology and history. Usually humanoid-alien prefers to travel with his companion, not tired to resist the villains from space. A man plays the role of a superhero, saving the Earth from numerous threats.rose Tyler works as a salesman in a small London shop. The girl did not even imagine that someday it will happen something supernatural. One day the mannequins in her shop suddenly lived their own lives and tried to kill the saleswoman. At the last moment, a mysterious Doctor saves a charming Rose, who soon told his companion the story of his own life. A new friend turned out to be an adventurer who travels through time and space. Miss Tyler liked it so much that she decided to go on an exciting journey with her new friend.