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  • Drama
Stephen Vincent strange was a brilliant neurosurgeon, is able to perform complex operations. He was so in love with his work that he didn't think about anything else. One day he was in a terrible car accident, which took away everything he loved: a pregnant wife and work. The thing is that the hands of the hero after the accident lost its former sensitivity, and he can no longer carry out complex operations that require incredible accuracy. All this broke Stefan, because he literally lost the meaning of life and fell into despair.In an attempt to change everything, heal your soul and find a new calling, the hero goes on an incredible journey that will bring him a new meaning of life. In the end, Stefan, who is now all under the name of doctor strange, becoming one of the most powerful magicians of the Earth, which are used to fight evil not only own forces, but also various artifacts. He turns into a real superhero and the main defender of the planet from magical threats. But his path to healing and gaining incredible strength can not be called simple. In order to achieve the goal of the hero was a lot of very difficult and dangerous tests in which he had to sacrifice a lot. What kind of enemies met on the way a mighty wizard before you found out about it the whole world?

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