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Original Title: Do Not Disturb
  • Genres:
  • Comedy
Channel: FOX
Creators: Abraham Higginbotham
Language: English
Description: The film does not disturb has a rather specific plot. The number of actors is very limited and does not exceed ten, but each of them has a certain character, which will play a further role in their fate. The action is also the advantage of developing in the apartment of writer Tom, who planned this crime very thoroughly. Despite all the spontaneity and randomness that occurs in the story with the characters, it seems that this is the vicissitudes of fate, and a cold calculation. Do not disturb (2013) - Thriller, in which the apartment writer Malik turned into a real torture chamber for his agent. Victim Tom became the Studio head, Stanley, who loves cocaine, easy money, vulgar and rude. So first immobilizes the victim, and then begins to cut off parts of the body, explaining that Stanley you breaks it into pieces. Eva, Tom's agent, first took it as a scenario, and after learning the truth, became an accomplice. To get rid of traces of the crime, So takes the Wall to the bus stop, before doing a deal with him, after which, the latter do not remember Along with the development of events, the main character remembers not so distant past, where he was very happy with the girl. Despite the simplicity of the plot, there are many pitfalls and unconventional views. A very specific movie that will have fans of Noir and with a small addition of the brutality of Tarantino.

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