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One of the long-playing, and therefore, the popular series "the Light of your love" continues to collect millions of viewers around the world. Romantic Indian project tells the story of a lovely Sandae. The girl always wanted to serve her own country and chose to serve in the police station. Only here to implement their plans Sanda are unable. The girl is brought up in a family with an average income and means for training in the specialty the family has no. But the heroine does not despair, trying to implement his plan in any way. Fate decides to give the girl his version of events and connects the marriage bond with Sandai Surai, the owner of a small shop. From now on, Sandaya belongs to a large family of husband, where their own rules and laws. Among other things, the constant lack of funds does not fulfill the dream of a career as a police officer. But the only thing that is comforting is a strong and mutual love for the new spouse. The series lasted for more than 450 series, which means that the movie had to taste a lot of people, we hope you will like it. Just turn on the episode and enjoy watching online in high quality in our cinema.