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  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
A new satirical and parody animated series in the fantasy genre from the famous Matt Groening, who gave the world the legendary "Simpsons" and "Futurama", will tell about the medieval state, which is called Dreamland. Here lives many strange creatures, magic dominates, and travelers on every corner of danger lurks.rnthe Central character is Princess Bean, who is constantly abusing alcohol, swearing, and behaves as if everyone owes her something. Bean is constantly accompanied by a drinking companion, an energetic elf named Elfo, and a personal demon Lucius. Together, they regularly get into comical and stupid situations, and fight for their lives, opposing trolls, harpies and other predatory creatures constantly strive to devour them.rnDreamland is not going through the best of times Right now. The state is in decline. Around many suffering and even more selfish snobs, each of which tries to snatch a tidbit of the collapsing world. Princess Bean, who used to cope with their problems with the help of strong alcohol, begins to understand that this can not continue. Dreamland needs saving, but how? Without thinking of anything better, Bean in the company of his friends goes on a short journey through the expanses of his native country.rnthe animated Series is designed for an adult audience. According to the authors, the show is a mix of" the Simpsons "and"game of thrones". Only here there will be more dirty jokes, sex and, of course, sarcastic humor, which is so famous for the work of Graining.

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