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Josh-small assistant influential businessman Brian Campbell, engaged in filming movies. The whole day the guy goes to Los Angeles and performs minor tasks of his boss. He buys him food, takes his things and delivers parcels. Josh hopes that someday I will be able to move up the career ladder and achieve success, but yet he has to endure the unbearable nature's assistant, Campbell and fulfill every whim of his superiors. One day the boss instructs Josh to pick up a necklace worth 750 thousand dollars, and hold it for a few days, then bring him to the ceremony. The guy hides an expensive decoration in his room, while together with him in the house live three more people with whom he is friends. After a noisy party, two robbers break into the house, wanting to steal the necklace. Josh manages to escape and even kill one of the attackers. In his hands is a gun, and it becomes clear that one of his friends betrayed him, stealing the jewel before the robbers. The guy begins to understand everything and soon realizes that all his close friends are actually traitors, each of whom decided to take advantage of a unique opportunity to get rich quickly. What will Josh do in this difficult situation, and whether he will be able to regain the decoration?

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