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Original Title: Dirt Every Day
  • Genres:
  • Documentary
Description: Rhiannon has always dreamed of touching love, but because of shyness never tried to make the dream come true. And here comes the long-awaited day when what the heroine of the movie "Ghost" has been waiting for. She meets a charming guy who falls in love at first sight. Justin-a girl of the same age-reciprocates her, and they spend a wonderful day, which ends with no less wonderful kiss. Rhiannon goes to sleep thinking that tomorrow for the first time in many years, wakes up happy. But Justin doesn't contact her the next day. Disappointed in the choice, the heroine withdraws into himself, not realizing that it is not so. The situation becomes clear after a Frank conversation with a stranger in the library. Interlocutor Rhiannon admits that she is... Justin! It's a little more complicated than it sounds. It turns out that Justin possessed a Ghost, which fell in love with the main character. An unusual loved one does not have a certain name, as well as a stable life: every day he finds himself in the human body, which is not far from the past "vessels", where he spends a day and continues an uncontrolled "journey". Despite all the difficulties, between them an affair. Does this relationship have a right to exist?

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