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It is impossible to imagine the modern world without the Internet. People get acquainted, communicate with it. There are a huge number of mobile devices that supposedly make our lives easier, making it more comfortable. But is it really all so useful and safe? What is really happening on the other side of the monitors? A place called dimension "404" mysteriously and incomprehensibly human. This digital world is shrouded in strange labyrinths, puzzles. Its unknown simultaneously attracts and scares. Any impact from outside may suffer a unimaginable consequences. Even a simple download of a file from the Internet is likely to send anyone on a time trip. All this is interesting and tempting, but who knows... Maybe once in the dimension at number 404, you will not be able to get back with the same ease? It would probably be better to open the door instead of the buttons on your computer and go outside into the real world of your existence.

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