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Sometimes it seems that the world wide web is inhabited by good wizards. And their only purpose is to entertain you. Unfortunately, the Internet earn, and the passion for online gaming too. The film is a Nerve that goes to rent September 8, 2016 on a new virtual game called Nerve. The main character VI Delmonico, a diligent high school student, was tired of the life of an excellent student, a loner and a typical bison. All her classmates keep telling her that you can not live like this, that you need to take risks and do adventurous things. It is out of the desire to take a chance and begins the participation of VI in a virtual game based on the principles of the familiar youth game Truth or Dare. Of course, no one wants to tell the whole world their secrets, then there is only action, or desire. Whose? Sponsors and judges of this virtual toy. It all starts as a child's fun. Kiss a stranger for $ 100. Hang out with a stranger for $ 200. Try on an expensive concert dress for another $ 500. And then the troubles and surprises begin. And it is clear that you have become a hostage of the game, as well as a toy in the wrong hands. Understand more: how to stop it, and leave the game alive and healthy? Emma Roberts and Dave Franco starring in the film, which tells the story of a virtual game that eventually becomes a source of quite serious problems in real life "Nerve".

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