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  • Drama
If you like dramatic stories about difficult human relationships, we offer the series "Dickensiana". This multi-part film is a series of stories that are entwined in one story. The story of good and evil, stinginess and generosity, generosity and meanness.rn

The action takes place in the capital of England in the NINETEENTH century, we see London on Christmas eve: snow-covered streets, which run the crowd of children, playing snowballs, all in anticipation of something joyful and festive. Among the fun bustle somehow looks aloof Oliver Twist, a boy of nine years old, it old rags and thin shoes. The guy became an orphan early and is now struggling as he can. His only friend is Nancy, the girl also lives on the street and earns money by Dating men for money. The work is simple, rich old people love young girls, that's the owner of the credit office, Mr. Marley does not disdain the services of Nancy. After such meetings, the girl often comes back with beatings, the costs of the profession, as they say.

rnOn Christmas eve, Mr. Marley also summoned Nancy, this meeting was their last, because in the morning the pawnbroker was found dead. To investigate this murder took inspector bucket. With great surprise, he found that the suspects in this case more than enough. Death Marley like many, half the people in this city owed him large sums, and the others, he stripped to the skin. Even his business partner, Mr. Scrooge, didn't mind getting rid of a too wasteful colleague. Not to mention Bob Cratchit who works for the masters now nonstop, but instead to pay the cunning money-lender has decided to cut his salary.Mr. Kratchit is a very honest and decent family man, he tries his best to provide for a huge family, apparently, for such a character, the Lord sent him a kind and sensitive wife Emily. Mrs. Kratchet brings up children, supports her husband in difficult times and tries to save a good, festive mood in the house.

rnBut not all Christmas brought joy and fun, on the eve of the holidays died the owner of the brewery Mr. Havisham, leaving behind a huge inheritance to two children – Amelia and Arthur. The last will of the brewer was very surprised Arthur, because he got only a small share, all his property and the house he bequeathed to his daughter from his first marriage.