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Original Title: Devil's Due
  • Genres:
  • Drama
Creators: Vanča Kljaković
Language: English
Description: The coming of the Devil (the original name DevilnnNever succumb to, with Then driven to despair, the heroine fell to her knees and began to beg for help from higher forces. She sent their prayers to the distant heavens, but God and his angels, as if she prayed for help, still remain silent and will not respond to her pleas. But Satan is with great pleasure that suggested unfortunate their services. nnThe poor girl at this moment was in the most remote corner, she can not even imagine how to get out of such a trap. And then there's the Devil decided to offer in the blink of an eye to solve all her problems with The heroine at that moment saw no other choice and agreed to the proposal of the owner of the dark hell. She made him a promise that at the right moment she would give him exactly what he wanted. Satan is after this long disappeared, and the girl's life in the blink of an eye went back to normal. It is clear that with time she would forget her so to speak rashly promise. But over the years, the Devil decided to remind about that old deal, and the heroine will need to give him his only child.

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Episode 1