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  • Genres:
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The story of life on Wisteria lane begins with an unpleasant picture of the suicide of one of the residents of the suburbs. The model housewife Mary Alice young has always been considered an example for others: a neat lawn, a well-bred son, a neatly dressed husband, delicious cupcakes and a sweet smile on her face. Everything in a woman's life seemed standard until she put a bullet in her temple. And all would be nothing, but none of her four friends can not even imagine what was the reason for such a terrible act.

from Here comes a delightfully rich story about the life of modern Housewives, each of which enchants with its inner world and changes from year to year, opening more and more cabinets and pulling the skeleton behind the skeleton. The first meeting with Susan, when she single-handedly raising a beautiful daughter – his main prop and support. However, a charming neighbor changes her life radically, because now Mike will have to go through both the most pleasant and the most painful moments in life.rn< p>Beauty Gaby is used to living in luxury and changing her wardrobe every day. It would seem that such an "empty", at first glance, the heroine is not able to become a favorite for a long time, but in her heart she is a loving mother, a devoted wife and a desperate woman, ready to defend her happiness, family and friends to the last breath.

the Series wouldn't be so colorful if it wasn't for careerist Lynette. The strength of her character will be a real motivation for every woman. Her ability to combine work and education of many children, the power of the spirit in the fight against the deadly disease and the ability to put yourself in a divorce are considerable. In the nature of "real" women with a constant desire to pull the "men's" pants fall in love from the first second.

another colorful personality is the overly correct bree van de Kamp, who in "Desperate Housewives" sought to constantly restore order and blow away dust from the most dangerous criminals of the suburbs. Her life was supposed to take place according to a strictly written script, but the "gifts" great it was broken, but was not able to bend.since the beginning of the story, four friends have sought to unravel the mystery of Mary Alice's unusual act, but other people's secrets are so shocking that in a quiet place there is a crime after crime. The intricacies of the plot make up to the last series to wonder how the fate of the characters will turn out, and it is not always possible to comprehend the truth, because the result is often very deplorable and mundane.

with the disappearance of old characters, new residents of the ill-fated Yang family home constantly appear, and each settler has his own "cockroaches", and in a large Luggage there is a place for secrets that can not be kept safe in a small suburb. The neighbor is not in time to look behind the fence, the random phrase will give rise to terrible thoughts – for so many years there will be many crimes, misfortunes and joyful events that each character will become part of the family, for which you will experience sincerely and with all my heart.