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The main character of the film "the Destroyer" is a police officer John Spartan, who investigates the most dangerous cases. The action takes place at the end of the XX century, when the whole world has become computerized, and ordinary human communication has faded into the background. For several years now, John has been trying to catch a dangerous criminal, Simon Phoenix, and when he finally succeeds, the court sentences him to life imprisonment in cryogenic freezing. But during the arrest of the offender, John exceeded his authority and now he too was sentenced to freezing for several years. But it takes quite some time, with the help of his old partner in crime from the cryogenic prison manages to escape Simon. The city did not know for many years what crime is again immersed in violence and chaos, the source of which is a fugitive. Senior management is doing everything to stop Simon, but their efforts were not crowned with success. The only person who can stop the cruel villain is John Spartan and urgently ordered to thaw ahead of time.

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