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  • Genres:
  • Drama
The series takes place on planet Earth in 2046. Alien beings seriously settled on Earth, so there is real chaos. The binary system of the sun is completely changed due to the constant struggle between earthlings and aliens. However, this does not stop the enemies, they continue to have a destructive effect. The earth's landscape is changing to a state of disaster. Killed the armies of men and aliens, the dead do not count. If in the near future the war does not stop, then it will be too late-there will not be a single soul left alive. the Enemy sides made a single decision – it is necessary to stop the war and conclude peaceful relations. 15 years have passed since the day of this significant event. In the city called "Call" returns former soldier Nolan and his adopted daughter, an alien named Iris. A man takes the place of Sheriff in his homeland. Now it needs to provide the people protection from attacking enemies, which tend to cloud the judgement of people for their questionable ideas and be wiped off the face of the earth city. After many years, the planet was again in danger. What will happen to the six different races?

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