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Rough justice may the Prosecutor to turn in the accused. Prosecutor Park Chung Woo of the homicide Department In the Central district of Seoul was engaged in the most serious crimes and managed to put behind bars a lot of villains. It goes without saying that such an irreconcilable fighter against the vices of society was objectionable neither to corrupt organizations nor to the judicial system itself. Violent activities of the Prosecutor tried to limit repeatedly, luring well-paid new positions threatening, but unsuccessfully. There was not a single flaw in his reputation. He was known as a conscientious citizen, a professional in his field, and also a loving father and a caring husband. After the happy family of Park celebrated the birthday of his daughter Ha Yong in the evening, the man woke up and found himself in a prison cell with a stripe of the sentenced to death. When people began to assure him that he had killed his wife and daughter and since then several months have passed, his mind refused to believe in the reality of the situation. The only hope for the former servant of the law was the lawyer So Eun-Hye, a woman who will not give up the case of her client until she is sure of all the details of the investigation. Now the life of a suicide bomber Jong-Woo depends only on her perseverance and courage.