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Original Title: Deep State
  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Channel: Fox
Creators: Matthew Parkhill,Simon Maxwell
Language: English
Description: The inhabitants of the deep sea are represented in a large number and variety of species, so it is not surprising that they become the object of research scientists, tourists. Their places of residence, as a rule, are carefully selected, but in the case of natural disasters have to look for another place of residence. With such a problem faced by marine residents, because the terrible prophecy came true for humanity - disappeared land, the world was covered with ocean. People have adapted to the new conditions of life, but marine life has not been able to share their homes with man. We have to go on a long journey to find places suitable for housing. On the way they will have to beware of predators, get into fun adventures, watch unusual situations that will help them survive and learn to get used to the new conditions of existence. A huge area of the ocean is a concern, but friends will take a chance and go on a long journey.The characters themselves are also unusual. For example, octopus Grimpoteuthis is considered the last person of his kind living on the planet. He will want to find out the truth and try to find relatives who can live in other parts. Dangers and unexplored places do not stop him, as well as the duration of the trip. For the sake of the intended purpose, he will go to great lengths. Friends will get acquainted with the innovations that have occurred once beloved planet. They will meet with other sea creatures, each of which has its own problems that urgently require solutions. Not all strangers will be pleasant interlocutors, so. Until the end of the road friends will learn to understand the personal characteristics of those who are next to them. Difficulties and troubles will not be a reason for abandoning the plans. Each of them wants to feel the comfort and safety of new housing.

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