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Kate and Lisa are sisters. They get along well with each other and so together decide to go on vacation. Place vacation they choose hot Mexico. Vacation promises to be interesting and exciting, health and educational. That only sisters could not even imagine that he will give them a battle for their lives. When Kate wants for the thrill to go down in a cage on the seabed to look at the white sharks, Lisa tries to dissuade her. But in the end, curiosity will take up. Yes and that can happen? It's perfectly safe. So decided girls. And it was wrong.In a special cage with a supply of oxygen necessary for survival, they fall closer to dangerous aquatic predators. And that curiosity gives way to horror. The cage breaks, and the girls are at a depth of 47 meters, surrounded by carnivorous sharks. The situation, already terrible, is complicated by the fact that they have enough oxygen only for an hour, and the shore is two hours away.Even in the absence of deadly sharks, it would be very difficult to survive, and with them it seems impossible. Will the heroine of the movie Fear of depth to escape, being far from heroes? Will they be able to survive, given that their only trump card in this situation is the desire to live. Or maybe someone still come to the rescue? In any case, we can only hope for luck.

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