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Calm and serious young man named Paul gets higher education at the University. Once classmates, originating from influential and wealthy families, arrange a very bad joke, wanting to have a little fun. When there comes a moment of reckoning for such a "joke", the guys skillfully represent the culprit of all that happened is the Sex, because for this guy no one will stand up. Thus, the young man is excluded from the educational institution, which deprives him of any prospects for further career. He is forced to immediately find a job for himself, and as a result, Paul gets a job as a teacher in the most ordinary school for boys. After a while a former student was horrified to notice that life in the boarding house takes place completely uncontrolled, entrusted to his care by the students is not accustomed to obey anyone and do whatever they please. At the same time, teachers are extremely unbalanced and even inadequate, Paul is not able to find mutual understanding with any of his colleagues. However, the young man can not even imagine what trials he would endure in the near future.