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Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim poster

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  • Genres:
  • Comedy
The story of two completely different sisters. The eldest of them is beautiful and smart, she is ready to do anything for the sake of her happiness and the happiness of others. But she does not get anything just like that, she has to work hard. Her younger sister, on the contrary, can boast that fortune is extremely favorable to her, the girl is always lucky in everything, she does not know the need and is sure that it will last until the end of her days. The protagonist of the story-a novice lawyer, he recently got out of prison and is now experiencing great financial problems. The other main character is a rich man with a kind and pure heart. He is sure that he will meet his fate and make her happy. These similar and at the same time different destinies of others will become a real story for the audience, which is filled with disappointments, happiness, luck and other gifts of fate.