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We have before us a very much anticipated picture. The story of a Wade Wilson ex-mercenary. The armed forces carried out in reality the project referred to as" Weapon X " and that's Wilson came under their development. As a result, he gains incredible strength, incredible reaction, agility, and most importantly, his body is updated independently. But with each new day, its cell structure changes all the time, and its sanity is questioned. So there is a new hero, but the hero is hardly the word, if he sets a goal he must achieve, but how it does not interest him and the sacrifices he's not paying enough attention. Character say so a little comic, all the time throws a black humor. This character in comics appeared in the distant one thousand nine hundred and ninety-first year, its founders are such personalities as the robot Libido is a famous comic book artist and writer Fabian Nitsiza. And now, after so many years after the appearance of Deadpool on covers of comics, this character decides to film. As far as we know movies about comic book heroes is very popular all over the world and they are not only one of the many film adaptation of the trilogy shot series and so on, but that's about our hero movie filmed for the first time. Despite the fact that it will be released only in two thousand sixteenth year, at the moment he has a pretty good rating. Well, I think all fans of this genre are looking forward to the sixteenth year. Now, the creators. The Director is Tim Miller. The script is written - Rob Lifecom, Nicieza Fabian and Rhett Reese. The producers who funded the tape are Lauren Schuller Donner and Stan Lee. The main role played-Ryan Reynolds. Unfortunately more information on this film we do not have, but be sure closer to the sixteenth year, we still know about this premiere. Well, anyone who wants to see this fantasy willing to be patient and have to wait for the movie on the website. Happy viewing and good mood!

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