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Between Darlene and France, have long held a joint life, established a very complex relationship. For many years, they are firmly connected not only by marriage, but also by their love of ballet art. Thanks to the wise and attentive leadership of her husband, who is also a mentor of classical dance, the woman became a great ballerina, has achieved great success on the professional stage. Her talent was admired by many fans who live in different parts of the world. After a long working trip around the world the couple returned to his home, which is in Copenhagen. After a short break from the exhausting tour, they decide to come close to the realization of a common dream — to prepare their own interpretation of the ballet "Giselle", where the main part will undoubtedly be performed by a unique prima ballerina. You can watch online don't leave me 2017 in good quality for free, without registration.After some reflection, gaining creative inspiration, the couple begins to rehearse. Denmark has a Royal theatre, which is considered the best ballet venue in Europe. It was there that the couple plan to be confident that their many days of effort over a consummate triumph. But the reality is incredibly cruel sometimes, there is an accident. During the next rehearsal, Darlene damages her leg, we have to urgently look for a replacement for the leading ballerina. Little by little, the woman had to put up with the sudden troubles, but it turned out, this is not the most difficult test that stood in her way. The man began to show genuine interest in the girl who replaced his wife in the production. His attention was clearly not limited to the professional framework. Long-term marriage and marital happiness are on the verge of destruction.

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