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The premiere of a beautiful animation that is sure to cheer everyone who looks at it, and especially happy with its revision will be of course the children, so be sure to watch. In the cartoon we will talk about some amazing creatures who call themselves-Minions. They are very old inhabitants of our planet and living on it even for several million years more than mankind. And here is all years which these beings have lived on the planet, they all time tried to serve the most nasty figure which only could be on Earth.Whom they had not served and scary dinosaurs, evil pharaohs, bloodthirsty Dracula, and the conqueror of Napoleon, but all these people were very short-lived. In short, having survived all the Minions survived to our time and all his big family so to speak rushed to new York. In this city of great hope they expect a lot of money, dominion, and of course the owner without which they simply can not, or rather the mistress of evil and bad - Scarlet Overkill. She for obedient Minions will have a set of tasks which they with pleasure will carry out. But the most difficult task will be the kidnapping of Queen Elizabeth. Let's see what happens and whether these tenacious creatures to realize this evil plan in life. Here is a story waiting for our audience, it will be very interesting to see.

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