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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
  • Mystery
Launching this dramatic Thriller, Netflix hopes to repeat the mega-successful story Of "very strange things" with German < a> realities, fresh group of unknown actors and age-old traditions of gloomy artistic realism of German art. Who knows, maybe the authors of the mystical detective, Anti Frieze and Baran Bo Audard following brothers Dater that their nostalgia-horror has already staked its place in October the grid, Netflix for years to come.the Quiet provincial town of Winden seems to be created for mysticism and mysterious events – a deep forest, a cold lake and local residents, who have enough dark secrets in the past, and numerous bony skeletons gather dust in the closet. On a rainy night, a fragile idyll collapses and a new city of fear and mysticism, twin Peaks, is born in the world. the Forest community is shaken by a terrifying event : going out for a night walk, two teenagers seem to fall through the ground – neither the police nor the voluntary assistants are able to solve the mystery. In a strange crime are involved in just four families, which should solve the terrible and supernatural mystery to return the children. It doesn't matter who the main villain is and where the criminal committed the mysterious kidnapping, the most important thing is when the misfortune happened. In one point intertwine different time periods, parallel realities and a cloud of other paranormal things. Children are very far away in time and space, so the way home will be long, thorny and scary.