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TV series "Daria" watch online-a real pleasure for those viewers who still remember who Beavis and Butthead. Deliberately clever Daria makes fun of the many evils of modern society, omitting also a popular culture of his time.The main character of the project is incredibly smart and goes to Lawndale high school. This small town is inhabited by stereotypical characters, over which does not get tired teasing know-it-all Daria. Her only friend is Jane lane, a talented artist who fully shares her friend's views on life.despite the fact that Daria tries to separate herself from the popular culture and the stupidity of others, she remains a part of Lawndale society. Falling in love with Jane's brother named Trent, the girl puts herself in a non-winning situation. On the one hand, she wants to confess her feelings, but on the other, she can not imagine herself next to a more frivolous Trent.rn

after falling in love with Trent comes to naught, Daria begins a relationship with one of the richest guys in town. Despite his social status, Tom Sloan turns out to be a smart guy with a great sense of humor.the main character's Cynicism is supported by her difficult relationship with her family members. For example, a girl conflicts with her younger sister Quinn, whose interests are limited to Dating boys. Parents do not particularly support the interests of Daria, and the only adult who can understand the main character, becomes the mother's sister named Amy.Daria's Cynicism extends not only to ridiculing adult vices, but also to analyzing the behavior of her peers. Leaders of the support group, football players, outcasts and honors-from the sharp language of the main character gets all. At the same time, Daria herself does not think herself ideal, openly noting her shortcomings.rnWith age, the main character learns to try on the shortcomings of this world and the stupidity of others. However, graduating from high school and entering College does not affect its natural sarcasm.