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Thriller Phantom (2013) tells the story that happens to the commander of the Soviet submarine during the cold war. All events taking place in the film related to this famous event in the history of the two States. The plot is developed from the moment when the Russian submarine intends to launch nuclear weapons in the Pacific ocean. This nightmare must somehow be withstand and be a daredevil is. It becomes the captain of the submarine. By the will of circumstances, this man had to part with his family, but the past, as you know, can not be erased, however, as well as change. However, all the events that took place in the life of the main character of the Thriller Phantom (2013), tempered his character and made the hero wise enough, and this quality is very useful to him, given the merciless situation that unfolds right before his eyes. The fate of the whole world is at stake. But to the joy of all people living on the planet, there is always a real hero, does not give up before the difficulties and is always ready to speak in the forefront to protect all mankind. American Director Todd Robinson was able to convey the idea and display a picture of what is happening, given the fact that the film's plot reflects the realities of the Soviet people in quiet times in the history of the Soviet state. The cast is very experienced and talented, so there is no doubt in their professionalism, according to the experience of previous roles. David Duchovny (the hero of the famous series X-Files and Californication) managed to cope with the role of the villain, in which he will see not often. Talented and played the main character of the film ed Harris. In General, the film turned out to be very exciting and intense moments, so that the viewer is not indifferent to the genre of this kind will be satisfied with the Thriller Phantom, the world premiere of which took place on the first day of spring 2013.

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