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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Alone, Mallory rides behind the wheel of an SUV, driving it from Los Angeles to Denver. There is time to think about the future: the future, in a couple of weeks, weddings, trips to Italy for a honeymoon. The girl begin to doubt, after the discovery in the car of pornololitas Asians.Plus on the road, she gets a voice mail from brad's fiancé. In the message, he tells how grateful she is, loves her, and that the honeymoon is postponed. After this message, the distraught girl collapses with a the direct road to Denver. The picturesque canyon seems to be a good place for her to put her thoughts in order before meeting Brad.Deserted road surrounded by picturesque places, the cabin songs, chosen sister, of mix. Suddenly the car stalls. Passes by guy offers help and starts the engine. A nice man of pretty appearance is credible, and Mel offers to let him down.Christian first refuses, but then sits in the car. On the road, it turns out that the satellite is not such a pleasant companion. Mallory demands that he come out, but now she becomes a hostage, Christian took out a knife and demanded to go to the abandoned hotel. Noticing that he did not fasten his belt, Mel in a desperate attempt to free himself, directs the car into a ditch.

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