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  • Western
The young pastor visits the American hinterland, where the ball is ruled by the money-grubbers. Poor citizens lose a sense of reality, submit to all the decision of the rich, not particularly torn from the vicious circle. Hard workers simply do not see alternatives to the current low position and are afraid of the punishment inflicted by the hands of the masters. The priest believes that the local "Cursed nation 1 season" has a chance to rise from oppression. The revolutionary ideas of the Sunday speaker at first seem to the parishioners empty in vain, but gradually the slogans gain meaning. The massacre committed at night over one of the rebels, outrages the community, silently calls to overthrow the usurpers.the Impending revolt threatens with serious losses to Industrialists. The weakening of the power of enterprises will affect the personal prosperity of the rich, because the most cunning tycoon comes up with a way to pacify the rebel group. Smart guy hires a clever stranger, ready to challenge the rebels workers. Skillful manipulator has one task-to resist the rebellion. While the angry workers will strike, the stranger silently will start work, shirking from collective. Such actions will certainly be interpreted as treason, but there will certainly be conscientious and timid people who will also leave the ranks of the strikers. Conductors two warring elements by the will of fate are blood brothers.

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