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The great Leonardo da Vinci was not always known around the world as a talented inventor and brilliant artist. In his youth, he had a hard time: a poor illegitimate son, who must achieve everything himself. However talent helped the young man prove what he is worth and to put his name in the annals of history. It is against the Church that is not willing to tolerate the quirks of a freethinker. Others do not understand the purpose of men seeing it as just another madman. Only a few can appreciate his genius, understand and accept his freedom-loving nature. But Leonardo wants to create, and nothing can stop him. you can fight any scourge of real life, to emerge victorious from any battle with the enemies, but to win the battle of the internal demons is almost impossible. Something unimaginable is happening in the soul of the great Leonardo da Vinci: society demands from him one thing, and the gift presented by the Almighty requires a completely different one. The ingenious inventor and painter has to make constant deals with his own conscience, trample on the laws of the Church in order to create delightful works of art. As it turned out, the struggle of the Creator with the whole world ended with the complete victory of the first.

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