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  • Genres:
  • Animation
  • Comedy
Channel: TV Tokyo
Description: Two best friends who are studying in high school witnessed a strange phenomenon-while they rested after taking their soul out of the door came a strange creature that began to call the main characters to help the planet...Of course, this turn of events scared the girls and they hurried away. Atsushina and ene, that's the name of her friends, very lucky, because this amazing creature was distracted by an employee of one of the institutions, a guy named Yumoto, and while those cute talking, the main characters managed to escape, and when they were in their apartments agreed that never in my life will not remember what happened to them. But a few days later they met again with this unearthly hero, who continued to beg for their help and this time the girls could not get rid of the representative of an extraterrestrial civilization. It was then Acousin and al learned that their Stalker was an alien who was forced to land on our planet in order to fulfill one task. And if no one will help him, the planet is likely to expect a terrible fate from which no one else can get rid of. Will it help the main character to his new friend or they'll think it's cheating?

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