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In the center of the story is told in the film "Werewolves" is an incredible story of a brother and sister Ellie and Jimmy Harmon. After the death of their parents, they were left to themselves. Jimmy is a high schooler who is not popular in the classroom. The girl he likes doesn't pay attention to him, and his classmates labeled him "nerd." Emmy's working to provide for their little family. One beautiful moonlit night, Ellie and Jimmy were driving through the woods. On an empty deserted road guys managed to get into an accident. The reason for that was a wild animal, like a huge wolf. The animal attacked the young people, but they managed to get off with a slight fright and a few bites. At least that's what Ellie and Jimmy thought right after the accident. A little time passed before the first signs that the guys are not like before. Ellie day by day becomes more beautiful and sexier. Jimmy acquires self-confidence, strength and agility. His brother and sister's hearing and vision worsened, and they realized that all these changes are associated with an accident on the road. What will their life be like when they meet the same "inhumans"?

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