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Until the last moment of life of 12-year-old Mexican did not differ from their peers. The boy preferred actively pursue time, always remained cheerful, carefree and jovial. Small problems and big trouble not especially about Coco, he sought to remain optimistic, regardless of emerging circumstances. He always felt that fate would surprise him. The guy was not mistaken in their expectations. The secret, carefully kept by all members of the family, is not yet available to the teenager. It eats impatience to know what the secret to keep the household and why no one else should know about her.Driven by a new idea, the boy began to act. He is sure that he will be able to find out the secret of the family. However,it will have to work hard. Soon it became clear that alone can not cope. So the boy had new friends. Close communication was the impetus for the emergence of a strong true friendship. The search led to the village to the grandfather. Turns out the old man has an old chest. Only the owner of the vault is aware of the contents. Grandson can't wait to look inside. My grandfather's life was active, he even took part in the military conflict. It is obvious that inside the chest left from those distant years. But grandfather wants to share their secrets, is unknown.

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