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Grissom tried to get Ellie to understand how much Management cared about her, but Ellie seemed reluctant to listen. By the time when the Leadership was returned to the consciousness that she had in stock, but the Manual CSI family were still by his side. The season closed on a surprising note with Grissom finally going with Sara Sidle - a story arc that has been several years in the making. So what does the next season prepare for CSI fans? Well, while the show will no doubt continue with a format that has seen it become one of the most successful TV shows, the main story in the coming season should revolve around CSIS relationships. With the new novel blooming between Grissom and Pass stealthily, it'll be interesting to see how these two loners adjust to the new situation. On that score at least don't even know the stars of the show how it would turn out. Lisa Jorja, the actor who plays, Runs stealthily, did not know what she and Grissom were going to, until just a few days before the shooting, but she believes this one for, keeps: "These two people, they have a lot together. They are and really are not great with people in many ways and they are emotionally separated in many ways. If two people like this can kind of find each other, there's something really beautiful about it."But it's just not going to be a relationship between Grissom and Passing a stealthily hogging spotlight. As we've seen in the penultimate episode of the season, the marriage of six Warwick Browns is in jeopardy. After identifying his wife Tina with another man at Dragon's Lucky Casino, Warwick confronted her, not realizing she was planning a surprise for Warwick's birthday. If Tina will come to him, Catherine will offer Wariko shoulder to cry on? We'll have to wait and see... that story will unfold over the seventh season of CSI: a Crime Scene Investigation on CBS this fall.