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It's been a long time since this couple came to the suburbs of Washington. They are a married couple United by a common secret. The fact is that they are KGB agents and serve in the heart of the enemy. Their marriage ceased to be fictitious, because their work is very close, despite the huge risks. Moreover, they even had a child. The couple continues to carry out dangerous orders from the authorities, although there are periods of quiet life. However, it is still impossible to relax, because danger lurks everywhere. That only is a neighbor who is an agent of enemy counterintelligence. New missions are waiting for the heroes, which means that it's time to prepare for the next difficulties and dangers. They have not yet been disclosed, despite the fact that several times they were on the verge of failure. Now tasks become even more heavy, and heroes will need all their skills. Will they be able to cope with the work this time and stay alive?

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