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  • Comedy
The main character, a man named Haiko, hardly dreamed of such work. For your specific activity of colleagues nicknamed him, Shotty. And his work is very unusual – he is a cleaner at crime scenes. It is called when the investigators examined the crime scene, and forensics collected all the evidence. Most often it is removed after a very bloody murders. But putting parts of bodies on jars and bags, he doesn't think of who it was, than he lived. He refers to his service as a occupation. He has to work where many are simply shaken with horror and disgust. The plot of the series tells about the terrible crimes investigation. It shows Schotti's relationship with relatives, friends or just friends of the victims. After all, he remains when everyone leaves and people realize their loss. Haiko tries in every possible way to support grieving people, gives them important advice on how to cope with grief. And sometimes Shotty manages to help solve crimes. After all, he can find details that have escaped the eyes of investigators. Sometimes they even turn to the cleaner for help. Cleaning up in such places, Heiko himself begins to reflect on life and death, whether he is happy doing such a thing...but here's a new incident, and it's time for a new crime scene.