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Somewhere on the ocean, in the heart of Florida is this Paradise town. Life here is calm and measured, but not for our heroine. Jules Cobb is a cute brunette who recently celebrated her fortieth birthday. This woman has a lucrative job-Jules owns a real estate Agency, a nice house, a great son. But the personal life of our heroine is not as rosy as we would like. She recently went through a difficult divorce and is now desperately trying to find a soul mate.< p>

Town a small, and Jules modicum and looks attractive, but not on so much, to seduce twenty-year-old youngster. Although, in truth, one did get caught in her network. But do not think, our heroine is not chasing after underage guys. She just needed to feel again desirable and beautiful woman, albeit with a younger man for some ten years. So our Jules from a respectable woman turns into a dangerous predator.

well, her loyal friends help her in the hunt: Ellie's neighbor, who equally hates and loves her husband, and a windy colleague named Laurie, who changes guys like gloves and does not wear underwear. < p>

still hasn't in life Jules arises its former husband. Although the couple has long since dispersed, but our heroine continues to help her near husband. After all, he is like a small child, constantly gets into different comic situations. Their joint son Travis is a teenager, but with him much less hassle. The guy is a good student and preparing for College. And still his, as and all boys in his age interested questions, concerning relations with the opposite gender. To the rescue of Travis always comes his caring mother with her friends, although the guy from this, it seems, already throws in a cold sweat.< p>

the Only one who does not feel friendly feelings for our heroine is her lonely neighbor Grayson. He's as divorced as Jules and doesn't have a permanent partner. And although in his life there are many fleeting connections, but the guy does not feel happy. And he clearly dislikes Jules and does not miss the opportunity to make fun of her. From petty quarrels, their relationship is moving in a real confrontation. Let's see where it leads.