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The series " Space: Space and time "is a continuation of the franchise" Space: personal journey " (1980), told by mark Sagan. The new project of 13 series is another fascinating journey into the world of science and space. The audience will discover a number of secrets and mysteries of the Universe. Both young and old, people of different interests will be able to learn useful for understanding, at first glance, simple things, but such complex in their molecular structure. Or Vice versa will see the complex, laid out on the shelves. < p>

there is no pseudo-science and quackery Here, only scientific facts and truth. Even the most sophisticated and rational viewer will not doubt the reality of what is happening in the frame and the logic of the narrative. You are waited for by the magnificent shots made in the universe and recreated by means of modern technologies. < p>

Talented filmmakers have managed to present scientific information available to the General public. Interesting around us, millions of questions still need answers. The evolution of the cosmos and the human world is still at the beginning of the journey, and what is there behind the next turn – this can be assumed by scientists and determined by the authors of new developments.

the show is about how the discoveries made by mankind over the last few decades. Astrophysics and astronomy, Astronautics reveal their secrets. Now in the role of leading Neil Tyson-astrophysicist with experience and popularizer of science talks about the laws of space, the possibility of achieving manned spacecraft other planets, as well as their own observations of what is happening in the vast universe. < p>

in series the most complex matter and terminology are served coupled with visual perception of. The possibilities of modern computer graphics, sound effects and unique video materials are at the heart of each series. Some scientific hypotheses will be finally debunked after the demonstration of this project, and some assumptions will be confirmed. < p>

the eternal laws of nature become available to Humanity one day. People find the right coordinates for further development and progress. This project will allow you to go into space, will present an amazing infinity. Around us is an immense world that amazes with beauty and scale, it is only necessary to look into it. This opportunity is provided by the creators of the series.

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