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  • Drama
The protagonist of the series-a young guy named David. His life changed significantly after the mysterious discovery he discovered. This discovery was an old camera of his father, where the guy found a very strange entry. The content was as follows: in full swing celebrating the birthday of a seven-year-old boy. It would seem that the strange can be in this record? While watching the events of his seventh birthday, he saw another figure of himself, only an adult. later David and his friends find drawings of a real time machine in the garage. Who would have thought that the guys will be able to collect it, and it will work. This valuable acquisition helps them to meet their needs, because with the help of time travel, you can correct the mistakes of the past, have fun and do whatever your heart desires. However, the guys did not think about the fact that their actions follow the event, which was not supposed to happen. Their carelessness has led to the activation of the butterfly effect, and now all the people on the planet is in real danger. Will the guys be able to correct the consequences of their careless actions or will humanity die?

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