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John knows perfectly well what sins he has to pay for, helping others to fight evil spirits. The main character of the film "Constantine: city of demons" only at first glance looks like a detective, who calls himself in public. In fact, the craft of men is inextricably linked with paranormal phenomena. He's an exorcist. In between sessions of wrestling with the other reality extraordinary person prefers the company of alcohol and the abuse of cigarettes. Otherwise, calm down and forget about a recent meeting with the demons does not day an intruder appeared in John's house. Chaz Chandler begged for help, though he hadn't kept in touch with an old friend in years. The men went to the hospital where Tricia was lying. The girl fell into a coma, and doctors for a long time can not find the cause of the disease. This is the only daughter of Chaz, he is ready on all for the sake of the heiress. Previously exhausted by the unknown father saw how his friend worked with the possessed, and it scared him. But now only in the hands of Constantine fate of his baby.Since the cause of the ailment was really beyond the competence of official medicine, the friends rush to Los Angeles to meet with the incarnation of the Underworld in human form. Partners hope to rescue the child from captivity of the monster or to exchange her soul for something else. According to the plot of the film "Constantine: City of Demons" exorcist understands how dangerous the journey, and is unlikely to be able to negotiate with an opponent who has almost taken the life of a new victim. But, of course, out loud disappointing forecasts to say fears – his age is broken by grief, and only hope for a happy ending gives his father the strength to continue to exist.

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