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  • Genres:
  • Drama
  • Crime
Anything can happen in life, but as for the respectable Dr. Ellis, he was sure he knew what to expect from his fate in the next moment. As usual, it happens with such people who have been unaccustomed to sudden attacks, he was wrong. The medic suddenly found himself in the line of fire, and the target was, of course, not a doctor, but this no easier. Is it possible to pass by when someone cold-blooded watering queue from the machine, aiming at the defenseless boy? So the doctor couldn't stay away. In the end, the victim is rescued, the villains report to the person in that light the Apostle Peter how they came to such a life. The boy can not yet consider himself safe, those who sentenced him to death, do not intend to retreat. There's no one to protect the poor guy, but someone has to? And if there's no one but the doctor, it's his cross...